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Come and Take It, A Play by Don Frazier

Come and Take It, A Play by Don Frazier

Performance on Sunday, March 3rd at 2:00 PM at The Perry, 521 Elm Street. The reading is free to the public, but seating is limited.

Come and Take It

Joe - Tristen Brown
Susannah - Judy Crawford
Angelina - Symone Fiedler
Almeron, Chorus - Andrew Jonas
Smither, Chorus - Bryan Ray
Travis, Griffith - William Bull
Chorus (Texans, Soldiers, Drunks, Ayish Bayou Boys)- 
Lawson Wenninger, Jeremiah Gore, Michael Voogd, Faris Sanders
Almonte, Chorus - Evan Faris
Don Ramón Músquiz, Chorus - Jorge Ambacher 
Esperanza Garza, Mexican Woman - Victoria Picón 
Fancisca Músquiz - Harley Navarro 
Crockett, Chorus - Nik Braswell 
Hannig - Christopher Bartlett

A Statement from Mr. Frazier's page:

"A year ago, I wrote a play (as part of a class assignment) entitled “Come and Take It.” It is set amid the Texas Revolution and Republic. The protagonists are Susannah Dickenson (Alamo eye-witness and survivor) and Joe, a slave owned by William B. Travis who fights at the Alamo, and survives to tell its story. I took the class because a friend famous for producing playwrights was retiring and I wanted to see what all went into writing a play—I didn’t know I would have to actually write a play.

But...here we are.

Few people realize that most of what we know about the Battle of the Alamo comes to us from an illiterate woman and enslaved man, both in their early 20s. That is the beginning of a good, but gritty, story."


ANNIE - Saturday, March 23 - 7 PM


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