"What is Going On with GRT?"

Well, I'll tell you. My name is Christian Sanders and I am the Managing Director of Graham Regional Theatre. I have just been "promoted" to full time because of the support of our board and their commitment to this community. I am honored by the trust that has been placed in me and opportunity help bring more live theatre to our area.

We have some big plans. The board and I have had many discussions on what projects, shows, and classes GRT could provide. We are moving forward with as many as we can as soon as we can and hope to keep adding as we go. 

Here is a list of some of the projects GRT will be developing. Some of them are well on their way to being done, and some are in the early planning stages. What I'd love to hear is feedback on what would interest you, what you think won't be a good addition to GRT, and any other thoughts on these plans.

Okay, here they are in no particular order...

  • More Plays each season
  • More performances of each production to allow more people to attend
  • Classes for all ages in acting
  • One day workshops on specific theatre skills
  • Audition Preparation private classes
  • Theatre space rental
  • Student writing contests
  • Local film production
  • Podcast promoting local arts and artists
  • Single evening small concerts and performances
  • Costume, Prop, and Set Piece rentals
  • Guest speakers and workshops


These a some of the goals we have set. They will be a work in progress for the next... well, always, probably. It is important to always grow, always adapt, and always reach for new and enriching experiences. I hope, with the help of our patrons and volunteers, GRT will provide years of creative support to any of the artistic endeavors of this community.

I welcome your comments below. Please feel free to contact me through the website, email, or just stop by The Perry and say "hi".