Angels for Graham Regional Theatre

The Angels support the work of GRT and make possible the exciting growth of the arts in our community. Without them, this would not be possible. Please consider becoming an Angel and have an impact in Theatre for years to come.

Cherubim ($1000+)
Carla Perry
Anne Street Skipper
Marlene and John Asbjornson
Janie and Evan Faris
Carol and Gary Glover
Angie and Jack Graham
Alicia and Ken Haggart

Archangels ($500 - $999)
Henderson Construction and Custom Homes
Stan Graner and Jim McBride
Joyce and Pascal Hosch
Gayle and Larry O. Hulsey
Graham InterBank

Angel Chorus ($250 - $499)
Sarah and Josh Kidd
Mary Braddock
Suzy and Win Graham
JoAnn Geurin Pettus
Nancy and Kent Pettus
Ciera Bank
Desk and Derrick

Friends of the Theatre ($1 - $249)
Martha Dunham, Weta Phillips, Sandra and Stanley Peavy, Jr., Gretchen Smith, Barbara Antle,
Rubyetta and Bob Cain, Renee Hobson, Gaylynn and Mark McClelland, Twelve Oaks Dental,
Julie and Brint Albritton, Trina and Jeremy Johnson, Cheryl and Kerry Groves 

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