Aladdin Jr. Cast List

Aladdin - Jacob H.
Princess Jasmine - Kenzie G.
Genie - Faris S.
Iago - Stormie G.
Jafar - Reagan M.
Sultan - Rou E.
Razoul - Lawson W.
Magic Carpet - Tyler L.
Narrator 1 - Bryanna N.
Narrator 2 - Cassidy F.
Narrator 3 - Kennedy S.
Narrator 4 - Sarah H.
Narrator 5 - Katherine H.
Prince Baba or Ganoush - Liam B.
Prince Dahdu Rahn-Rahn - Uriah H.
(The) Prince Formerly Known as the Artist - Rance W.
Thief (pg. 28) - Rance W.
Baker (pg. 28) - Natalie C.
Townsperson (pg. 28) - Ireland B.
Shopkeepers(pg. 29)-Natalie C., Ireland B., Brooklyn S.
Harem Girls -Landry M., Candy B., Roree W., Kaidee A., Malia A.
Matron (pg. 30) - Laura C.
Guard 1 - Liam B.
Guard 2 - Uriah H.
Guards - Rance W., Dyaln A., John A., Seth R., Aiden A.
Solo 1 (pg. 52) - Charlie S.
Solo 2 (pg. 52) - Alison M.
Solo 3 (pg. 52) - Patton F.
Solo 1 (pg. 61) - Josie B., Ella L.
Solo 2 (pg. 61) - Evie W., Kenadee S
Solo 3 (pg. 61) - Ellie H., Allie R.

Ensemble: Claire A., Ivey B., Sadie B., Lola C., Sera F., Kali Jo G., Jasey L., Allison M., Raney P., Sara R., Haven S., Haley S.

Tech: Lucas A., Audrey B., Jackson K.

Practice Tracks

If you have any questions or need anything, please email or

Camp and rehearsals begin:
Monday, June 11th - 8:30 AM


  • pack a lunch if you are entering grades 6 - 12 and staying all day.
  • wear closed-toe shoes
  • practice your lines and songs the week before camp!

Sing on Group 1, Group 3,  and "Women"

Sing on Group 2, Group 3,  and "Men"


Ms Judy

Laura C.
Reagan M.
Sara R.
Kennedy S.
Malia A.
Dylan A.
Rou E.
Jasey L.
Allie R.
Raney P.
Evie W.
Haley S.
Allison M.


Mr. Race

Jacob H.
Tyler L.
Faris S.
Kaidee S.
Candy B.
Ivey B.
John A.
Sadie B.
Lola C.
Alison M.
Kali Jo G.
Kenadee S.
Uriah H.


Ms. Kay/Ms. Jamie

Sarah H.
Landry M.
Claire A.
Aidan A.
Kenzie G.
Lucas A.
Cassidy F.
Charlie S.
Rance W.
Sera F.
Patton F.
Haven S.
Stormie G.


Ms. Kem

Brooklyn S.
Natalie C.
Kat H.
Bryanna N.
Lawson W.
Roree W.
Seth R.
Ireland B.
Ella L.
Liam B.
Jackson K.
Audrey B.
Ellie H.
Josie B.